How A Day Spent Onboard

Waking up in the morning,watching the sea turning gray to azure blue.

You quickly put your bathing suit on and jump into the sea.

After breakfast, your gulet captain takes you to another little cove with pines reaching over the sea.If you wish, you can swim, go snorkeling, do water sport acitivities,read your favourite book or sip your drink.

After the lunch, sailing fort he next anchorage where canou have plenty of time to take a walk in the nature or to explore the village, the historical sites surrounding it. Sometimes, a crew member takes you to the shorein one of the small cove

The evening is the best time during gulet charter. First, you get that tingling sensation of the sun tan on your back, a bit of tiredness from swimming, feeling refreshed from the sea water and ready for a mamma mia dinner

A long table filled with the freshest breakfast items is awaiting you and your friends while two of the crew are ready to serve you.

It is now time for the delicious  lunch time to get energy for  the rest of the day.Our chef prepares you a variety of vegetable dishes,meat and sea food dishes with olive oil .

You and your fellow travelers gather in front of the boat, while munching on hazelnuts and fresh fruit and sipping your cocktails,gathering up with your family and playing games. 

After dinner, you can choose to sing, dance, spend romatic time with your loved one, chat with your blue voyagers, or if you are in one of the habours ,you can slip into night life.. The night is yours.  Until you wake up to watch the sunrise once again